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The SEO Godfather has your back. Hire us today and get a dedicated SEO expert, link builder and copywriter. Your very own online marketing mafia.

 SEO Crew

A solid company starts with a stable foundation. At SEO Godfather, our company works like a family. We work together to create SEO-driven, successful websites so your business can grow as ours does. We enjoy the time we spend working together to help companies like you and we are passionate about what we do. Our owner and CEO, Peter Roesler, believes in the power of a happy company. For this reason, he ensures that each member of the team is trained thoroughly and receives the benefits he or she deserves. When a team member initially comes into the company, he or she is placed in a training course that is taught personally by Peter Roesler. For this reason, each of the team members is up-to-date on ever-changing SEO process and changes.

Why Choose SEO Godfather?

Our company is comprised of talented, friendly, and dedicated SEO specialists who work to ensure you are successful in building your online presence. We don’t stop until you have reached the top of the search engines and your phone is ringing with potential clients. Our mission is to always help you succeed in your mission. How do we do this? We make sure that when you call our company, you will speak directly to your SEO specialist and not an out-of-country sales representative. We don’t start creating your website content and optimizing your website until we are sure that we understand your business. Most importantly, we focus on your business so you can focus on what you need to do – sell more products or services. At the SEO Godfather, our entire business model revolves around your success. Without it, both companies can’t grow individually or together.

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