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When it comes to getting your website noticed, every tip and trick can help. Peter Roesler and his team at SEO Godfather want to help you make the most of your online presence. For this reason, we have put together a small selection of tricks of the SEO trade to help you improve your standings. Feel free to check back often as we include new ideas and techniques.

  1. Don't over do it. The biggest mistake made with SEO is over optimization.
  2. Have great information, don't right copy for search engines, SEO copywriting is a myth.
  3. You need strong, well-written, and most importantly unique content on your website, try to offer something no one else has, be different.
  4. Take time choosing your keywords. Be sure to choose unique ones that are directly associated with your business but are not generic.
  5. Don't over link in your copy. Think quality instead of quantity – focus on linking a few keywords instead of all of them.
  6. When you create links, use keywords as the link instead of generic "Click here" text.
  7. Add new content to your website often. Fresh content will help improve your standing on the rankings and also will help continually attract people to your website.
  8. Use cohesive content on your website. Do not attempt to “keyword stuff”, which means creating incoherent sentences that use keywords over and over again with no real rhyme or reason. If you create a page like this, the search engines will crawl your webpage and mark it as spam thus making it impossible to reach the top of search engines.

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